Creating a sacred space for meditation

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Where to start creating devotion to meditations?


It starts from finding a very special place INSIDE yourself in your heart and filling the space with joy, love, light, desire for adventure of finding who you really are and connecting to your soul, spirit, the Universe and the Creator. Fill it with the the sacredness of the meditation!


If you believe in angelic guidance, you might like to create your personal Pyramid of Light (Pyramid of Power) and manifest it in 5th dimension. The guidance how to do it was given by AA Michael, transmitted by Ronna Herman. You can read the  full message here as well as in her books “Scripting Your Destiny” and “Reference and Revelations”. pyramid-best

I love it! You can take your personal Pyramid of Light with you everywhere you go: business or spiritual trips, traveling, visiting your family, etc.


However, a physical space for meditation is very important too. It would be nice to have a room or part of the room where you can relax and not be disturbed for at least 30 min, or as long as you want it to be.  If you have kids, you can negotiate with them your private quite time by putting a sign on the door like “need “ME” time” and offering them to put the sign too when they need to be alone.


You can even build a meditation pyramid in your garden! (it is still in my to-do list) or just put up a tent.



If you want, you can enhance the energy of the place by putting symbols of 4 elements in the room and/ or something that represent each element:


– fire (south direction), can be represented by candles;

– water (west direction) can be represented by a water fountains or bowl with water;

– air (east direction) can be represented by scent sticks;

– earth (north direction) can be represented by rocks, crystals, gemstones, clay pottery.


You might also like to create an altar in the middle of the room or at the east side. You can put plants, flowers, crystals, paintings, sculptures.

Be creative! Make your meditation space a sacred one!


I hope you find this helpful and please share what works for you by commenting below, I would love to know!

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