Grounding and Protecting Code

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The New Age is here and in such a transformational time, it is very important to stay grounded, to feel safe and protected no matter what is going on around you. It is time when all help is welcome, especially angelic vibration codes (see previous messages about the energy of codes).


All the codes that I am going to share on my blog were given by Archangel Haniel transmitted by Memra (Audrey Cole). I’ve previously written more on what the codes are and how they work.


Since 1997, Haniel has given lots of  healing and empowering angelic codes in her channelings, which are archived on her website. I will only write about a few of them – my favorite ones, but the good news is that Memra is writing a book about all angelic codes that were given by Haniel for all those years. I hope the book will be available very soon.


One of the most powerful angelic codes, is the grounding and protecting code 3 – 23  (pronounced  as “three” pause “twenty-three”). Haniel referred to this code in many of her channelings and said that if she would choose to  share only one code with humanity it would be this one.


3 – 23 code takes you back to the origin of who you are,when you were one with God/ Creator/ Source. The energy of the code makes you feel safe, protected, and grounded. If you are in transformation phase of your life, it helps you to go faster. You can say the code as many times a day as you need it (preferably outloud).


3-23 code can be used in many situations, for example:

  • in the beginning of a meditation or any spiritual practice, which helps you to open up to the new energy and integrate it;

  • in a situation when you feel anxiety, fears, nervous about something happening or going to happen; it helps you to calm down, to feel that everything would be ok;

  • in your home or office to create safe and protected space for you; you can say the code outloud as many time a day as you want, or you can write it on a piece of paper a put it behind or under the furniture;

  • in the beginning of a class or workshop to  create a safe and protected place for people coming to the class;

  • in a situation when you need to calm down your pets; say the code several times when you pat them (I used it on my cat when we fly with her)

Give it a try! but do not expect immediate results as all angelic codes build up the energy: the more you use them, the more energy they would create.


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