About Erena: Intuitively guided, Erena has been involved in spirituality and healing training and workshops since 2005. But the real highlight was her participation in the first Pineal Toning Choir event, held for the first time  in Hawaii in 2012 since ancient Lemurian times.

This, followed by a Kryon Kundalini tour, where she had experienced visions and sensations, knowing she had to honor her true path of serving the world and helping people step into their full potential.  She specializes in sound healing and energetic balancing.



About Zenia: highly intuitive empath, Zenia strives to help those struggling with a sense of purpose and direction in life, depression, social anxiety and acute sensitivities. She uses modalities such as in Soul Body Fusion, iPhoenix, spiritual counselling, art therapy and chakra balancing.