My mission is to transmit love and light through my paintings, to create one of a kind channeled pieces that will be energy specific to your field and will help you on your journey. Extended examples of my work can be found on my  Energy Paintings website. I work mainly on a commission basis creating what I have begun calling “Soul Portraits”-this is where I feel called to expand on.
Below you can see some examples of my previous work, these were done for myself and not for clients and are available for purchase if you feel drawn to them.
Let it go abstract acrylic painting
Let It Go
“Let it go”- A powerful statement of our intention for renewal and cleansing. An inevitable life process in order to facilitate growth, one must make peace with letting go. Acrylic on canvas with mixed media, these bright colors will remind you to “let go and let God” when it’s most necessary.
third eye spiritual art purple
Opening the Third Eye
 An “instant channeling” painting was finished in under one hour and hasn’t been retouched since. Its specific purpose is to awaken and activate the third eye, allowing the dormant gifts and ancient knowledge to come forth. One can feel the energy swirling, moving…a great aid in your daily meditation, while holding intention on activating the higher chakras.
merkabah 12 layer DNA kryon art
DNA Layer 12, “The God Within”
Inspired by the “12 Layers of DNA” by Elan Dubro-Cohen, as channeled by Lee Carroll (Kryon), this gorgeous 24”x 36” layer twelve is embedded with raw amber crystals, which are notorious for cleansing and purifying one’s energetic field. Uplifting and inspiring, this piece will certainly shift the energy of any room in the house.


water droplet oil painting spiritual.JPG
Inspired by all things fluid and feminine, this piece has a very soft and  gentle energy to balance out the masculine. One can feel a sense of hope and peace when gazing at this painting.


winged angel feminine oil painting
Angel Rising
Inspired by the channelings from Archangel Haniel, this feminine angel figure is filled with a sense of bliss and pure, unrestricted joy.
*All art is original and protected under copyright. 

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