Discovering Personal Freedom

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Remember the last moment you’d felt completely free. It could’ve been a day, a week, an hour or simply a glimpse.


 What would it be like if you’d lived from that place of freedom all of your life? Would you perhaps be more content, more grateful for what you do have rather than sad or anxious about the things you do not have?


Would you let yourself be free in your expression, speech, mannerisms, body movements? Would you then stop second guessing what it is you’re about to say or do, stop judging of self or others, allowing them the same space to express their own personal freedom as well?


Now, what if more beings in all of the world had woken up to this radical idea of personal freedom, would we, as a society, as a whole, be less tense, less depressed, and less likely to misunderstand and condemn each other, creating separation of conflict? 

I think the obvious answer is yes.


So what lies in between us right now and us in that ultimate state of freedom?


At one point, all we wanted to do was play, care for each other, be together and explore how things around us work. Why and when did everything change? Because since childhood,  we are forced to fit in, stuff all the unnecessary information in our unfiltered little minds while sitting in painfully uncomfortable dusty classrooms that feel more like torture, just to earn those 10-20-30 minutes of recess. That’s when we start to realize, we must go through painful experiences in order to “earn” our right to be free, to do what we want.


And so, the pattern is set-only as we grow up, it’s 40+ hrs of work in order to earn two days of freedom(at best), during which you are trying to “catch up” on life, or worse yet, trying (and failing) to stop thinking about work and the inevitable, fast-approaching upcoming Monday morning. We become exhausted and run down, letting life pass us by, becoming a passive observer rather than an active participant in our lives.


If you’ve identified yourself in this scenario, if you feel like you’ve been robbing yourself of a life you truly deserve, I ask you:


Are you ready to shed the old patterns and reclaim your personal freedom?


Would you like to define how you would like your world to be and what you’re willing to do to make it happen? What are your daily actions to achieve your dream goal/state/being, to bring it a little closer?


What is your daily ritual to keep you balanced and grounded? When things happen that are outside of your control and shake you up, do you have a strategy to manage that unforeseen stress?


If you are ready to step into your power, onto the path that leads to true personal freedom, we are here to help you on your journey!


We can help you explore limited beliefs, archetypes and conditioning, help you with identifying your goals and what truly makes you happy, and give you the day-to-day tools for success. 

Grounding and Protecting Code

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The New Age is here and in such a transformational time, it is very important to stay grounded, to feel safe and protected no matter what is going on around you. It is time when all help is welcome, especially angelic vibration codes (see previous messages about the energy of codes).


All the codes that I am going to share on my blog were given by Archangel Haniel transmitted by Memra (Audrey Cole). I’ve previously written more on what the codes are and how they work.


Since 1997, Haniel has given lots of  healing and empowering angelic codes in her channelings, which are archived on her website. I will only write about a few of them – my favorite ones, but the good news is that Memra is writing a book about all angelic codes that were given by Haniel for all those years. I hope the book will be available very soon.


One of the most powerful angelic codes, is the grounding and protecting code 3 – 23  (pronounced  as “three” pause “twenty-three”). Haniel referred to this code in many of her channelings and said that if she would choose to  share only one code with humanity it would be this one.


3 – 23 code takes you back to the origin of who you are,when you were one with God/ Creator/ Source. The energy of the code makes you feel safe, protected, and grounded. If you are in transformation phase of your life, it helps you to go faster. You can say the code as many times a day as you need it (preferably outloud).


3-23 code can be used in many situations, for example:

  • in the beginning of a meditation or any spiritual practice, which helps you to open up to the new energy and integrate it;

  • in a situation when you feel anxiety, fears, nervous about something happening or going to happen; it helps you to calm down, to feel that everything would be ok;

  • in your home or office to create safe and protected space for you; you can say the code outloud as many time a day as you want, or you can write it on a piece of paper a put it behind or under the furniture;

  • in the beginning of a class or workshop to  create a safe and protected place for people coming to the class;

  • in a situation when you need to calm down your pets; say the code several times when you pat them (I used it on my cat when we fly with her)

Give it a try! but do not expect immediate results as all angelic codes build up the energy: the more you use them, the more energy they would create.


Angelic Numerical Codes

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First time I was introduced to angelic numerical codes was by my massage therapist 10 years ago. 

She shared with me several codes given by Archangel Haniel, transmitted by Memra (Audrey Cole). I had never heard anything about this archangel and angelic codes, but when I tried them,

 I understood how unique and powerful they are.

 I found AA Haniel teaching onthe website and since that time I have been regular subscriber to her webcasts.

It has become my school of spiritual growth, helping me move gracefully through the transition times.

How does a numerical code work?


Angelic codes are combination of numbers that have particular energy 

imprint, which makes the Merkabah,or star tetrahedron energy field, vibrate  in particular manner to create a specific energy shift  in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. 


It is a language that our bodies could understand instantly! 

It is a “short cut” to significant changes!

Sitting comfortable in meditation

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All books and websites about meditation are filled with pictures of people sitting in a perfect lotus position.  Ahh, good for them! However, if you are not a yogi person, it might be very difficult for you to sit and relax in that perfect pose during a meditation.


For example, I have been doing yoga for eight years, but sitting still in lotus or half-lotus position for more than a couple of minutes creates so much tension in my thighs and pain in my lower back, that all I can do is watch the clock, waiting for the struggle to end.


If you experience tension or even pain sitting in the lotus/half lotus position, here are some tips for making sitting comfortable:


– sit in a rama-chair; if you want put pillows under your thighs,

to avoid tension that might build up during long meditation



– sit on a meditation bench, you might fold a yoga mat to provide cushion for your knees




– sit in NadaChair Back-up, which provides well-cushioned support for perfect posture




It is very convenient if you go to a meditation class or if you like meditating on the beach, in the parks, mountains, etc, as it’s very  light and portable.


And lastly, you can always just sit in a comfortable but not very soft chair; make sure that your feet are touching the floor (for grounding) by using a pillow or mat under your feet, you might also consider a pillow behind, to support your lower back  and  help straighten the spine.


One more suggestion: if you have an option in what direction to sit in meditation, choose east or north direction to have better energy flow.


Thus, there are lots of options to ensure comfort during the meditation.


Do not be discouraged if you previously could not relax during meditation, just choose a method and a prop that works best for you.

Creating a sacred space for meditation

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Where to start creating devotion to meditations?


It starts from finding a very special place INSIDE yourself in your heart and filling the space with joy, love, light, desire for adventure of finding who you really are and connecting to your soul, spirit, the Universe and the Creator. Fill it with the the sacredness of the meditation!


If you believe in angelic guidance, you might like to create your personal Pyramid of Light (Pyramid of Power) and manifest it in 5th dimension. The guidance how to do it was given by AA Michael, transmitted by Ronna Herman. You can read the  full message here as well as in her books “Scripting Your Destiny” and “Reference and Revelations”. pyramid-best

I love it! You can take your personal Pyramid of Light with you everywhere you go: business or spiritual trips, traveling, visiting your family, etc.


However, a physical space for meditation is very important too. It would be nice to have a room or part of the room where you can relax and not be disturbed for at least 30 min, or as long as you want it to be.  If you have kids, you can negotiate with them your private quite time by putting a sign on the door like “need “ME” time” and offering them to put the sign too when they need to be alone.


You can even build a meditation pyramid in your garden! (it is still in my to-do list) or just put up a tent.



If you want, you can enhance the energy of the place by putting symbols of 4 elements in the room and/ or something that represent each element:


– fire (south direction), can be represented by candles;

– water (west direction) can be represented by a water fountains or bowl with water;

– air (east direction) can be represented by scent sticks;

– earth (north direction) can be represented by rocks, crystals, gemstones, clay pottery.


You might also like to create an altar in the middle of the room or at the east side. You can put plants, flowers, crystals, paintings, sculptures.

Be creative! Make your meditation space a sacred one!


I hope you find this helpful and please share what works for you by commenting below, I would love to know!

My Story: how meditation changed my life

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I want to share with you my story how I came from being very skeptical about meditation to practicing it daily and enjoying it immensely.


I have been practicing mediation for nine years. I started doing it when I was 40+ after a separation with my ex-husband.  I was scared to start my life from scratch all by myself in a country, where I had been living only for 7 years. Being challenged by my fears, I decided to try meditation to calm myself down.


Coming from a chemical engineering background with 25 years of planning and analyzing experiments, and later analyzing efficiency of well completion operations, I did not believe that I would be able to quiet my mind. I started with silent meditations and every time I had the same experience: my mind was chatting all the time.  So I tried guided meditations as it was easy to follow the instructions. I loved few guided meditations, however most of them asked to visualize a lot of different things, and it drove me crazy as I was not able to see them in my mind.


After quite a few failed experiences, I felt that meditation is not for me.  In addition to not being able to quiet my mind, I suffered from sitting in yoga posture. At that time I was not a yoga person, I did not like physical activities, did not go to gym, and lead a very sedentary lifestyle, so my body was very tight. I started doing yoga 2-3 times a week. Still, after a couple minutes sitting in easy pose, I had strong pain in my back and my thighs that was killing me. 


Desperately, I asked Archangel Haniel in my personal channeling session with Memra about how I should sit properly for meditation to avoid pain. She explained that sitting is not as important as relaxation, and suggested to put lots of pillows around me to feel comfortable to relax my body.


I did it, along with the codes for calming the mind, that Archangel Haniel gave in her teaching and I am going to share later in my messages, it started working! First time I noticed a pause between my thoughts, I was so excited!  It was an amazing feeling. I understood that actually silent meditation is not that hard to achieve: the more relaxed and joyful you feel about it, the easier it becomes.


But true devotion to meditation came later during 4-week Moon Course retreat at Las Piramides  in Guatemala at Lake Atitlan.

30 minute meditations twice a day in a beautiful temple have reinforced the discipline and the devotion I now have for meditation as a personal practice and a daily ritual.


It has become such an incredible experience of joy, bliss, unconditional love, and a rich connection to my soul and my spirit, to the Universe and to the Creator/ Source. The feeling of such a deep connection is worth all the years of trying to reach it.


It changed my life, literally, now i am following my dreams!


when you meditate, you radiate


And if such a skeptical woman with a super analytical mind, could find passion for meditation, I believe that everyone can do it!

That is why I decided to start my blog. 



My goal is to encourage people to either continue or start practicing meditation, even if it appears that you may never silence your mind. I would like to share my tips and angelic codes, which I hope help you to get to the depth within yourself and move gracefully through transition time.


 The codes and affirmations I am going to post were given by Archangel Haniel, channeled by Memra (Audrey Cole). More information on her wonderful services can be found at her website.



 I would highly recommend a personal channeling with Archangel Haniel. It is a wonderful gift to yourself or your loved ones, especially if one is confused, saddened, depressed, lacking direction in life or looking to start a new opportunity.



In service,


Devotion to Meditation

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 Or why you would want to invest in yourself daily.

Have you ever been frustrated that you have all that is supposed to bring happiness in your life: good job, money, family, children, but there is still something missing, something very important but you don’t know what it is?

Have you asked yourself a question: is it all I came for in this life? I used to ask those questions frequently for many years but no longer because I know now that there is a bigger purpose in my life and I know how to start the day with feelings of joy, bliss, happiness: I start the day with meditation.


Why meditate?

 Because it might change your life and bring you:

  • Happiness, joy, bliss

  • Peacefulness and tranquility

  • Understanding of who you are and why you are here

  • Connection to your soul, spirit, Source/Creator

  • Answers to your questions

There is more: doing silent meditation EVERY day for 30 minutes or more will build up all those energy not in arithmetic but in exponential proportion.

And this is called DEVOTION. It starts with a firm intention that you have enough time in your life to devote to yourself, your personal growth- and you will make it happen!

  devotion spirituality

Why 30 minutes?

Because you need at least 30 minutes of silent meditation a day to cross the bridge to a truly amazing word called spirituality.

Why every day? 

Let me bring analogy of brushing teeth every day. Each morning you brush your teeth and have fresh breath but as the day goes on, food and drinks stain your teeth and  change the smell of your breath. I know how it feels at the end of the day, but imagine if you forgot about cleaning your teeth for several days?


You create unhealthy environment inviting gum and tooth disease.


Meditation is a practice of cleaning your energy every morning to start the day with fresh feeling of joy and bliss. 


As the day goes on, you walk into different energy fields and some of themcan be contaminated with stress, fear, anger, depression, which “stain” your energy field. 

You forget or do not do a meditation for a several days and those dirty stains become bigger and create unhealthy environment for negative energy get into your inner space. 

Get the picture? 


So clean and reset your energy every day to grow spiritually.

Please give yourself a gift: invest your time in yourself,  into your happiness, joy, bliss, and more! 

Take one step a day to experience heaven here on earth!!!