Energy Balancing

iPhoenix – The Balancing energy sessions promise to be an essential tool for you to use in these times of challenge and opportunity. This work is a valuable addition to your spiritual practice in daily life that will enable you to live with more clarity and a deeper understanding of who you are, allowing greater freedom.

We will select a few energy patterns that you would like to work on, and get hands on experience  with these powerful patterns of energy. These are supplemented by unique meditations designed to open your mind and heart to the art of vibrational transformation and evolution.

Evolution opens your mind and your heart to new ways of living life in greater harmony. You are unique, what is your vision of the potential for yourself and the collective in these times of change? This profound and simple work is designed for an awakening world.

Honor the Phoenix within you, become more of who you are!


The Waves are a combination of energetic postures, movements, and sound. The tones were developed specifically for the Waves by Dr. Todd Ovokaitys.

The movements and postures were developed by Peggy Phoenix Dubro, whose quantum sight and rich history in developing the energetic alignments for the EMF Balancing Technique and the Lattice have prepared her for the unique task of identifying the new energetic alignments for this exciting and innovative body of work.

Benefits of “the Waves”

  • Experience the crystalline structure of your being, physically and multi-dimensionally

  • Open to higher dimensions and new frequencies of expression

  • Amplify the feeling of home, right here and right now

  • Explore the healing energies of universal family dynamics

  • Strengthen the expression of your heart intelligence

  • Activate more of your talents and abilities encoded within your DNA and Akash

  • Accelerate your creativity and ability to transform sacred challenges into sacred opportunities in these times of change

  • Learn the new energetic patterns of leadership

  • Understand your role as a bridge of grace

  • Joyful and easy to do as you “dance” your way into the evolution of consciousness and assist others in their “dance”