Abdominal Detox Massage

Abdominal Massage of the Internal Organs  is known as Chi Nei Tsang.

This method of deep abdominal work is based upon Chi-Nei-Tsang, where Chi – “energy”; Nei – “internal”; and Tsang – “organ”, Chi Nei Tsang is a special branch of the Traditional Chinese Medicine using abdominal diagnosis and working with balancing the energy of the meridians and applying precise and deep manipulation on the internal organs of the abdomen.

Especially valuable for all kinds of problems which can’t be solved with acupuncture, diet or herbal supplements.

Chronic health problems, digestive disorders, after-birth support and rebalancing of the system, to name a few conditions are easily taken care of with Chi Nei Tsang.


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Everyone can benefit from this massage. In particular, people who struggle with feelings of fear, worry, anxiety, anger, or general stress will benefit a lot from Chi Nei Tsang. Also, those who suffer from constipation, digestive issues, and problems due to misalignment.



During, it feels kind of exactly like how you’d expect it to feel- Like someone’s smooshing your organs around. However, you remain in control of how deep the therapist is working by maintaining a dialogue. It is not necessary to go deep in order for the massage to be effective. Oftentimes, it is bringing  the attention to the energy points and the meridians that is half the work.

The massage works on all the major organs: small and large intestines, liver, gall bladder, stomach, spleen, pancreas, kidneys, heart, lungs, bladder.

The treatment lasts 90 minutes and it is recommended to not eat or have too much to drink for 2 hours prior to the treatment, however you may eat and have liquids as soon as you are finished.