Angelic Code for Safety and Protection

Energy of the code makes you feel safe, protected, and grounded.

In such a chaotic time, when so many people live in fears and confusion, it is very important to feel safe and protected no matter what is going on around you. It is the time when all the help you can get is welcome, especially angelic numerical codes (please read about the angelic numerical codes here).

All the codes that I share on my website were given by Archangel Haniel channeled by Memra (Audrey Cole) and I have an expressed permission received 5 years ago to share my favorite codes.  Unfortunately, the website where all the teachings were archived is no longer available.

One of the most powerful angelic codes is the safety and protection code 3 – 23  pronounced as “three” pause “twenty-three”.  You can say it out loud or inside depending on a situation, and as many time as it takes to bring you to the peaceful state of mind.  

3 – 23 code takes you back to the origin of who you are, when you were one with God/ Creator/ Source. The energy of the code makes you feel safe, protected, grounded. if you are in transformational phase of your life, it helps you to go through it faster. Archangel Haniel refers to this code in many of her channelings. She emphasized that if she would share only one code with humanity, it would be this one. 

You can use the code in many situations, for example:

  •  in the beginning of a meditation, any spiritual practice or using other angelic codes; it helps you to open up to the new energy and integrate it
  •  in any situation when you feel anxiety, fears, nervousabout something happening or going to happen; it helps you to calm down, to feel that everything would be ok
  •  in your home or office to create safe and protected space for you; you can say the code out loud as many time a day as you want, or you on write it on a piece of paper a put it under the furniture, the bed, etc.
  •  you can create a safe and protected place for a class or workshop, saying the code out loud before the class/workshops begins
  •  you can calm down your pets by saying the code when you pat them (I used it on my cat when flying with her)

Give it a try! But do not expect immediate results, as all angelic codes work on building the energy: the more you use them, the more energy would they create.