Affirmations are very powerful tools that could change your life in a positive way if you truly believe in what you are saying

Affirmations are very powerful tools that you could use every day, adding them to your morning prayer or as a separate ritual. However, they will work only if you truly believe in what you are saying and are using the right intention behind the words. If during the affirmation time you find that you have a negative voice inside telling you that actually it would never work, because you are not good enough, or you never get what you want, or you do not deserve it, etc., it means you need to work on erasing the negative voice first and then start the affirmation practice again.   Below are examples of affirmations that were given by Archangel Haniel in her teaching, transmitted by Audrey Cole.


I am a very wealth person. In fact, I am the wealthiest person that I know. I flow in abundance; money easily comes to me.


I am healed. I am perfect, I am whole and I am complete because I am God’s thought. In perfection I am created, in perfection I remain.  I am perfect in my health, my wealth, in my life experiences - I am perfect.


I am youthful, ageless, and timeless. My body recognizes maturity of (__) year old (insert the age you want to feel there) and that is all. By Creator that created me, I am ageless and timeless. My body easily and healthfully rejuvenates itself every year. Everything in my thoughts and feelings and life reflects back to me my youthfulness. I have exuberant energy of my youthful body.


I flow with evolution of my spirit and joyful expression of my light. I flow with every new experience, embracing it with great excitement and safety, and know it is here to contribute positively to my life.


I always have plenty of time to do what I choose to do, have what I choose to have, and be what I choose to be. I always have plenty of time. I am flexible with time because time is flexible with me. Time is my friend. I am always on God’s time.

Family Relationships

I love my family. I choose the right parents and the right family. I have learned such great wisdom from them and that is the treasure I take with my life. I take with me joyfully the wisdom I have gained from my family. I love my family and my family loves me. They are doing the best they can every day and so am I. I love my family because they are God’s creation – they are unique as i am, and I am lovable ad I am loved.

Happy Relationships

I am happy in all my relationships. I attract and experience joyful relationships every day.  My relationships are full of respect, honor, dignity, playfulness and love.

Personal Relationships

I am lovable and I attract loving relationships in my life. I always attract the right relationship that adds great happiness to my life. I am happy in all my relationships.


I am now in my career of my purpose and in this career, I flow with my creativity. In my career now I am respected, recognized, paid very well and I have excellent benefits. I have freedom in my career. My career gives me a great joy. I love my career.

Successful Business

I am very successful in my business. I love my business and everyone loves it too. My business is an expression of love and I am joyful in my business, and joyfully I receive clients every day. My life is filled with joyous clients who experience life? positively through my business and I am in partnership with the Creator.

Completing Tasks

I easily complete all of my projects that I choose to complete. I have plenty of sources, resources, and supply for the completion of these projects, always easily available to me. I have plenty of currency and time for the easy completion of those projects. I complete them joyfully. They are fun for me.

New home

I have a wonderful new home that is easily affordable. It is my divine sanctuary. It is peaceful and safe. I am welcome in my home, and I welcome others in my home. My home is respected by me and others and it is always safe.


I am very successful in my school endeavors. I easily pass every test with high scores and I easily retain information. I am attracting in excellent teachers. I am a great success as a student in my education.