Affirmations and Prayers

Affirmations and prayers are very powerful tools that could change your life in a positive way

Affirmations and prayers are very powerful tools that you could use every day, additing them to your morning or evening prayer or as a separate ritual. However, they will work only if you truly believe in what you are saying and are using the right intention behind the words. If during the affirmation time you find that you have a negative voice inside telling you that actually it would never work, because you are not good enough, or you never get what you want, or you do not deserve it, etc., it means you need to work on erasing the negative voice first and then start the affirmation practice again.   Below are examples of affirmations  and prayers that were given by Archangel Haniel in her teaching, transmitted by Audrey Cole. I personally found them very useful and that is why I want to share them with you.


Powerful tools for every day use

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Prayer is a conscious choice from your free will on how you choose the quality of your life

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Affirmations to Start a Day

Start working with a Law of Attraction

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