Herbal Wisdom and Traditional Folk Medicine

Traditional ways to improve and support your health

For centuries, people have relied on nature to provide them with sources to heal and maintain healthy body and mind. I have been practicing herbal medicine for twenty years gathering the knowledge from herbal and shamanic workshops and books. It has been a very rewarding process to learn and implement traditional folk medicine into my life, to enrich my life with nutrients and remedies that Mother Earth has in abundance for us. 

No matter where you live, in a country side or in a big city, you could find places where wild medicinal plants grow: parks or trails along the river. And you can grow your own medicinal plants garden. I invite you to learn about medicinal plants, to make simple herbal remedies like tinctures and infused oils, to add wild plants to your daily nutrients, to make simple skin care products without any chemicals, and more.

Harvesting medicinal plants

When and how to harvest plants

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