Dr Neumyvakin Teaching

Easy and effective ways to improve and support your health

Professor Neumyvakin is familiar to many who study the topic of health and traditional medicine. He claimed that there are no diseases, but there are health conditions that occur under certain conditions, and that the shifts in the normal functioning of the body could be eliminated by a healthy lifestyle, rational nutrition and an intake of special additives (not drugs!), which include a solution of soda and hydrogen peroxide. I share below his most popular methods of improving and maintaining health through use of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide solutions as well as his healthy eating suggestions.

Healing Properties of Baking Soda

A universal way to combat and prevent various diseases

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Therapeutic Properties of Hydrogen Peroxide

A universal remedy for most existing ailments

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Healthy Eating

A healthy lifestyle should be one of the fundamentals of every family

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