Angelic Numerical Codes

It is a language that our bodies and souls could understand instantly

Angelic codes are combination of numbers that have particular energy imprint, which makes the Merkabah, or star tetrahedron energy field, vibrate in particular manner to create a specific energy shift in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. It is a language that our bodies and souls could understand instantly, meaning it is a “short cut” to significant changes!

I am very fond of using numerical codes that Archangel Haniel had given in 20 years of her teaching, transmitted by Audrey Cole. I use angelic codes every day and personally found that combination of codes, affirmations, prayers, and meditations brings faster and more efficient results in removing blocks and old patterns, raising the awareness and vibrations. Even if you do not believe in numerology, try some of these codes and see if you can feel or experience their effect.

Angelic Code for Safety and Protection

Energy of the code makes you feel safe, protected, and grounded.

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Angelic Code for Unconditional Love

Love without conditions as it is your core feeling

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Code to Quiet the Mind

Code helps to slow down the thinking process and optimally quiet the mind

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Code for Blessing Water and Food

Code facilitates an increase in vibrations and manifestation of oneness

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