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I am a very wealthy person. In fact, I am the wealthiest person that I know. I flow in abundance; money easily comes to me.


I am healed. I am perfect, I am whole and I am complete because I am God’s thought. In perfection I am created; in perfection I remain.  I am perfect in my health, my wealth, in my life experiences - I am perfect.


I am youthful, ageless, and timeless. My body recognizes maturity of 30 year old (or any other age you feel) and that is all. By Creator that created my, I am ageless and timeless. My body easily and healthfully rejuvenates itself every year. Everything in my thoughts and feelings and life reflects back to me my youthfulness. I have exuberant energy of my useful body.



I flow with evolution of my spirit and joyful express of my light. I flow with every new experience, embracing it with great excitement and safety, and know it is here to contribute positively to my life.


I always have plenty of time to do what I choose to do, have what I choose to have, and be what I choose to be. I always have plenty of time. I am flexible with time because time is flexible with me. Time is my friend. I am always in God’s time.

Family Relationships

I love my family. I choose the right parents and the right family. I have learned such a great wisdom from them and that is the treasure I take with my life. I take with me joyfully the wisdom I have gained from my family. I love my family and my family loves me. They are doing the best they can every day and so am I. I love my family because they are God’s creation – they are unique as i am, and I am lovable ad I am loved.

Happy Relationships

I am happy in all my relationships. I attract and experience joyful relationships every day.  My relationships are full of respect, honor, dignity, playfulness and love.

Personal Relationships

I am lovable and I attract loving relationships in my life. I always attract in the right relationship that adds great happiness to my life. I am happy in all my relationships.


I am now in my career of my purpose and in this career, I flow with my creativity. In my career now I am respected, recognized, paid very well and I have excellent benefits. I have freedom in my career. My career gives me a great joy. I love my career.

Successful Business

I am very successful in my business. I love my business and everyone loves it too. My business is an expression of love and I am joyful in my business, and joyfully I receive clients every day. My live is filles with joyous clients who experience positively through my business and I am in partnership with the Creator.

Completing Tasks

I easily complete all of my projects that I choose to complete. I have plenty of sources, resources, and supply for the completion of these projects, always easily available to me. I have plenty of currency and time for the easy completion of those projects. I complete they joyful. They are fun for me.

New home

I have a wonderful new home that is easily affordable. It is my devine sanctuary. It is peaceful and safe. I am welcome in my home, and I welcome others in my home. My home is respected by me and others and it is always safe.


I am very successful in my school endeavors. I easily pass every test with high scores and I easily retain information. I am attracting in excellent teachers. I am a great success as a student in my education.