Angelic Code for Unconditional Love

Love without conditions as it is your core feeling

Angelic code for Unconditional Love

Love without conditions, love not because, but as it is your core feeling… Some people say it is easy to love your kids unconditionally. No, it is not. There are so many expectations and desires that you want them to fulfill, and when they go in a different direction, judgment and disappointment come and flow of unconditional love stops.


But even more difficult to love yourself unconditionally, to look in the mirror at yourself and say “I love you”. Love you as you are now and what you truly are. I have struggled with loving myself for a long time, and it took real work to come to the place of unconditional love toward myself, my daughter and people I met in my life. And still sometimes I catch myself with judgement, disappointment, and even anger when something is not working or not going the way I want it to go. I learnt to see it as a part of my spiritual growing process, having an opportunity to stop and bring awareness to what happened and what is behind the feelings I experienced. It takes time to go deeper, discover limited believes that caused it, bring it up, understand them and then dissolve them. I do it when I have enough time to go into a deep meditation.  But first thing that I do when I found that the flow of unconditional love stopped, I pray the Creator/ God to send love to me and people who were involved into that situation. And then I say an angelic code of unconditional love as many times as I need to come back into the flow of love. It is the fastest way to return to the state of higher energy and vibrations. And I want to share it with everyone, who wants to try it.

Here is the code of unconditional love that was given by Archangel Haniel in her teaching:

17 – 21 – 17 – 11 – 23

Say the numbers with short pause between each number, then take a couple of deep breaths and say it again. Repeat as many times as you need to return to the peaceful loving place inside you.

Stay in flow of love!