How to Start a Meditation Practice

First steps on creating your own meditation practice

If you decide to start to create your own meditation practice but do not know where to start, here are some tips how to start it.

- Choose a special place for meditation (see a post about sacred space).

- Choose your favorite clothing for meditation as you would do for a celebration or special ceremony. It might be any color you want. As you progress with your meditation practice, you might want to change clothing colors, as a reflection of another step on your spiritual path.

- Choose a direction of sitting: if you have an option in what direction to sit in during meditation, choose east or north directions, as they have a better energy flow. Choose comfortable sitting arrangement (see a post about sitting arrangement).

- When you just start doing meditations, you probably won’t have good sense of timing. To avoid looking at the clock every minute, it would be good to set a gentle reminder on your mobile phone as to the time when you want to finish the meditation or use any of many meditation aid apps freely available.

There is an option to use hand gestures, called mudras, which can be easily found on the Internet. However, if you are new to the meditation practices, I would not recommend to try it because it might create tension in the hands or pose as yet another distraction for your mind, constantly checking your hands positions. Try them later when you get more comfortable with the basics. 

Some people like to start meditation practices from just 5 minutes and do incremental increases as they progress. From my experience, meditating for 5 or 10 minutes did not let me go into silence at all. Only when I started practicing meditation for 30 min or more, I could reach the point of stillness, as well as being rewarded with blissful, peaceful, tranquil state of mind and being. if you mind keeps chatting all the time, try to use an angelic code for quieting the mind

And one more important thing to remember: do not criticize yourself if you could not find the still point where mind chatter ceases and true blissful peace begins - it will come with practice! Be gentle and grateful to yourself for taking the steps towards experiencing your life beyond the third dimension, and stepping more into who you truly are!