Sitting arrangement

Choose a method and props that works best for you to sit comfortably

Numerous books and websites about meditation are filled with pictures of people sitting in a perfect lotus position. Ahh, good for them! However, if you are not a yogi person, it might be very difficult for you to sit and relax in that perfect pose during a meditation. If you experience tension or even pain in thighs and/or lower back, here are some tips how to create a comfortable sitting arrangement.

You can use a rama-chair as on the picture. You could also put pillows under your thighs to avoid tension that moght build up during a long meditation.

You can sit on a meditation bench, and you might fold a yoga mat to provide cushion for your knees.

Another example of a comfortable sitting is NadaChair Back-up, which provides well-cushioned support for perfect posture. 

The NadaChair is very convenient if you go to a meditation class or if you like meditating on the beach, in the parks, mountains, etc. It is very light and portable.

And lastly, you can always just sit in a comfortable but not very soft chair; make sure that your feet are touching the floor (for grounding) by using a pillow or mat under your feet.  You might also consider placing a pillow for lumbar support to help keep the spine straight.

One more suggestion: if you have an option in what direction to sit in meditation, choose east or north direction to have better energy flow (according to eastern traditions).

 Thus, there are lots of options to ensure comfort during the meditation. Do not be discouraged if you previously could not relax during meditation, just choose a method and a prop that works best for you. At the end of the day, the focus is the meditation practice  itself, so as long as you can keep your spine straight and your legs comfortable, that’s what  matters.