How to Harness Energy of Cosmic Events

Energies of cosmic events have high vibrations and could be harnessed and delivered to each cell of your body

There are so many cosmic events through a year like full moon and new moon; lunar and solar eclipse, equinox (March 21 and September 21), solstice (June 21 and December 21). There are also double-digit days in year like January 1 (1-1), January 11 (1-11), February 2 (2-2) or February 22 (2-22), etc. so each month there is at least a couple cosmic events that brings a particular energy to the Earth. The energies of cosmic events have high vibrations and could be harnessed and delivered to each cell of your body to bring balance, harmony, healing, alignment to high vibrational energy, and more.

How to harvest the energy of cosmic events? There is a shamanic approach to harvesting energy of big cosmic events in the holy water. Water has ability to absorb and carry the energy to every cell of our bodies when you drink it. 

First step is to choose the water source. If you don’t have access to the holy water, you can use spring water or just purified water. To increase the absorbing power of water, you can partially freeze water or add ice cube to it, or add colloidal silver solution.

Second step is to choose a place. If you have gardens of a backyard, place a jar with water in am open place is exposed to the sun and moon light. If you want to increase the potential of absorbing the cosmic energy, create an altar or just place crystals around the jar. Leave the jar there for a duration of the event. For example, for equinox, solstice, double-digit events, place the jar before midnight of a coming event, leave it for a day and take it in the morning after the event. If you don’t have a place outside, put the jar on a window sill that is mostly open to sun and moon light (preferably south exposure sight).

You can also say a little prayer asking angels and the Creator to help to absorb the transformative high vibrational energy into the water that is in alignment with your body energy. Drink the water in small portions before and between meals. The water will carry the energy and information to every cell of your body helping to heal and transform whatever needs and is ready to be changes in our lives. If you want to keep the energy essence water for a longer time, you can add vodka or brandy to it. Add a small portion of that essence to you daily water consumption jar.

Enjoy the energy that Universe is given to us!!!