Life Force Energy

Life Force Energy is an essence of the life

There are so many New Age books, websites, workshops talking about energy, but what exactly are they talking about? When you hear about energy flow and blockages, about raising or losing your energy, what are we measuring?

Chinese and East Indian cultures refer to it as “chi (Qi)” or “prana”, respectively, it is within you and all around you. You cannot create anything without this energy- Life Force Energy (LFE) -a Universal “energy pack” we come to this life with. This energy is an essence of our life, our heart beat, our communication between us and mother Earth and the Universe. As a spiritual entity, the life force is considered our connective flow to the Infinite Creator/Source/Universal Wisdom.

So why do we need to be conscious about our life force energy loss?

When we are born, we only receive a fixed amount of LFE and when it’s gone, so are you. But because you have some LFE in your body, it doesn’t mean that it’s being directed to where it’s most needed. In fact, disease of an organ in an identification that LFE is not reaching that organ. You are consuming your LFE with everything you do. As you move about during the day, you are leaving behind your LFE that you attached to events, places, and people.

Below is a prayer you can use at the end of each day to re-gather LFE back into your body. This prayer also includes a statement to forgive yourself and others, that helps to release the lines of energy you have established with others.  

 Prayer for Forgiveness and Re-gathering Your Life Force Energy

 Infinite Creator (God or source energy), in this moment, I forgive myself for anything I am holding onto that is not love to myself, my life, or others, and I forgive anything between myself and others that is not love and I release that to you. I request the return of all my Life Force Energy from all of my thoughts, ideas, and actions. And so it is done, and so it is. Amen

 Breathe in deeply and feel the return of your energy. As your sensitivity goes up you will feel it integrating into your body and filling you up more. This will result in feeling like you have more energy, radiating from inside, more vitality and joy as you go about your daily life.

 Essentially, our life force energy is our vitality, affecting our ability to go on with our daily life and, more importantly, manifest things into reality. When you realize that you are in charge of your life and your energy, the possibilities are endless!