Lemons are important for health of the body and mental and emotional stability

Lemon is well-known as the best food source of vitamin C, which is an antioxidant that helps remove free radicals, protects cells from damage and supports immune system. Professor I.P. Neumyvakin in his book “Lemon. Myth and Reality” wrote that lemons kill about 20 types of microbes and viruses, including flu viruses. In case of sore throat or cold symptoms, it is very helpful to drink tea with lemon and raspberries or linden flowers, as wells as lemon juice with honey. He also mentioned that in spite that lemons have very sour taste due to 5-8% content of citric acid, regular consumption of lemons helps to reduce acidity and normalize acid-alkaline balance in a human body.

According to Professor Neumyvakin, lemons contain not only vitamin C but also different minerals, vitamins A, D, B6, carotene, flavonoids, that give them a number of health benefits. Lemons help to reduce risk of atherosclerosis, kidney and bladder stones, gouts, rheumatism, amenia, digestive issues, stomatitis. Lemons help to eliminate toxins through the skin and thus reducing amount of toxins passing through kidneys. As an external application, lemons also help with fungal skin disorders.

Human body needs vitamin C every day because it cannot produce or storage citric acid, which is important not only for overall health of the body but also for mental and emotional stability. Professor Neumyvakin recommended to drink warm water with lemon juice every morning 30 min or more before breakfast, prepared in the following way: put one lemon in a cup of hot water (at boiling point), leave it for 1-2 min, then take the lemon out, cut it and squeeze the juice out (warm lemon gives juice easier than cold).

In his book “Lemon. Myth and Reality”, I.P. Neumyvakin you can find information about how to use lemons to detox the body (21-day treatment), prevent and reduce symptoms of different diseases, as well as recipes of using lemons in salads, drinks and deserts.