Power of Gratitude

We all know about power of love and how it can change our lives. Where there is love, there is no fear; where is love, there is always light and no darkness… Yes, love is a great power! And we sometimes forget that there is another great power that creates miracles – Power of Gratitude.

How many times a day do you notice nice things and reflect on them and say thanks for making it happen? Sun shining in your window when you wake up; a smile on your partner’s face; a joyful laugh; an easy solution to your problem; a nice walk in the park. Have you counted your blessings during a day? Have you thanked your angels for them?

Gratitude is a great transformational power that can change your life, shift the energy and bring miracles. Just make it a habit to notice your blessings, acknowledge them and say “Thank you, bring me more!”- yes, bring me more! It does not mean you are being greedy; it means you are claiming it be your reality!

How about you write down or say in your prayers five things you are grateful today EVERY day in the morning or at night? It makes you stop and pay attention, notice the blessings, remain in awareness and being able to build up the power.