Experiencing Stargate

Stargate opens a door to the multi-dimensional Universe

Have you experienced Stargate? I am not talking about movies or TV series. I am talking about etheric Stargate that creates a portal to higher dimensions and realms. I remember the first time I saw Stargate (the actual structure) at the Lemurian Choir gathering in December 2012 in Maui. I did not take it seriously, passing it by. In two years, I saw it again at the Kryon Light Conference in Mt. Shasta and I decided to go to a workshop to experience the Stargate energy. Honestly, I have been to lots of energy workshops but Stargate was the most amazing one! I felt enlightened! I felt oneness!! And I met my star family (energetically).

If you have wondered about higher dimensions, what it feels like, or want to know more about who you are where you came from, or meet your spiritual guides and your star family, connect to your Higher Self, go into Quantum filed and into the Void – Stargate opens a door to the multi-dimensional Universe. You do not need to do anything.  All you need is to relax and trust the Stargate energy, to allow yourself to have an amazing experience. It is so simple!

 What is Stargate?

 It is a conscious Sacred Geometry form, which creates a strong multi-dimensional energy field. It was created by Prageet Harris, who channels Alcazar, the Stargate guide. You can read the whole story on the Stargate Experience website https://www.thestargateexperienceacademy.com/ev_-_what_is_the_stargate

Why I am writing about it? I am not an ambassador or affiliate of the Stargate, but knowing how much we are overwhelmed with different meditations and various spiritual teachings available on the Internet, I just want to share meditations that I personally found the most profound. On the website mentioned above, you can find lots of free meditations that leads you to the Stargate experience. It really worth to try it! But you need a little navigation there: always start with a meditation called “Experience an Etheric Stargate” meditation, which helps you activate the etheric stargate and build up the energy and vibrations. Then you can add any meditation of your choice, like “Mother Mary Meditation” or “Introducing to Quantum Self”. All meditations were recorded from workshops, where the energy was building up from one meditation to another, so most of the posted meditations do not include the first meditation of the Stargate activation.


Give yourself a present – open the door to other dimensions!