Lunar Eclipse Energy

How to maximize May 15th Super Moon eclipse energy!

14May 2022

Tomorrow, May 15, there will be Red Moon Eclipse in Scorpio at 9:14 PDT, which could be witnessed in North America. This huge cosmic event will bring a powerful transforming energy that could be harvested in water and then delivered to every cell of your body.

What kind of energy would come to Earth with the Lunar Eclipse tomorrow? According to Michelle Karen, the author of book “Astrology for Enlightenment”, the eclipse could bring a gigantic burst of energy and inspiration encouraging us to tap into our resilience, boost our self-confidence and take full responsibility for our lives. Read more at

How to harvest the energy of the Lunar eclipse? There is a shamanic approach to harvesting energy of big cosmic events in the holy water. Water has ability to absorb and carry the energy to every cell of our bodies. If you don’t have access to the holy water, you can use spring water or just purified water. To increase the absorbing power of water, you can partially freeze water or add an ice cube to it. Then choose a place on windowsill or in the backyard that is exposed to the moonlight during the night. Place a jar with water there. If you have crystals, put them around the jar. You can also say a little prayer asking angels and the Creator to help to absorb the transformative high vibrational energy into the water that is in alignment with your body. Leave the jar for a night and next day drink the water in small amounts before and between meals to fully absorb the goodness. The water will carry the energy and information to every cell of your body helping to heal and transform whatever needs and is ready to be changed in your life.


Enjoy the energy of the Eclipse!





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