Welcome to Healing Arts Temple!

We offer workshops, sacred ceremonies and healing sessions both locally in the greater Atlanta area and North Georgia as well as across the States and Canada.


Our motivation is to help you connect to your inner wisdom and live a more integrated life from a place of Wholeness.

Drawing on many healing traditions, from   energetic alignment and  sound healing to shamanism and herbal wisdom.

Driven by the firm belief that we can better the world by bettering ourselves and that everyone deserves to live from a place of ultimate personal freedom,


we kindly invite you to ask yourself:


Would you like to step down from a role of a passive observer and step into a role of an active participant in your life?



Would you like to define how you would like your world to be and what you’re willing to do to make it happen? What are your daily actions to achieve your dream, to bring it a little closer?



What is your daily ritual to keep you balanced and grounded? When things happen that are outside of your control and shake you up, do you have a strategy to manage that unforeseen stress?



If you are ready to step into your power, onto the path that leads to true personal freedom, we are here to help you on your journey!


We explore limited beliefs, archetypes and conditioning, help you with identifying your goals and what truly makes you happy,

and give you the day-to-day tools for success.



In addition, we offer many resources on mindfulness and daily practice, which can be found on our Blog as well as our dedicated Meditation Journal, which is updated weekly with useful tips.