Code for Blessing Water and Food

Code facilitates an increase in vibrations and manifestation of oneness

Archangel Haniel in her teaching, transmitted by Audrey Cole, gave a very special ancient code of Sacred Geometry, which is capable of blessing all things by infusing them with Christ Vibrations. This is very important as our body changes and becomes more sensitive to vibrations of the things we eat, drink, and surround ourselves with.


Water is the best-known conductor of vibrations. Just imagine how many times the water on our planet has been recycled, and its energy diminished or modified in the process. The water we buy in a store could be pure but deficient energetically.  By blessing the water with the code provided below, you can remove negativity from all the water around (tap water, bottle water, well water, etc.) and increase its vibrations. You can use the code to bless the food you eat, your body, clothes you ware, your house, and more!

The code is the following: 

9 – 9 – 5

The meaning of this code is as follows: the first 9 means “dissolving”, the second 9 means “duality”, and 5 means “the power of ONE”. The blessing is intended to dissolve duality and facilitate the raising of the vibrations, bringing them into manifestation of oneness with Creator. 

Place your right hand, palm down, above the water or food, circle your palm 3 times clockwise as you say each number with one circle. Clockwise motion reset the energy of water or food. You can say the code as many times as you want to. It helps with not only raising the vibration but also with changing the energy of any possible toxins and contaminants in a way that they would not affect your body and your energy field (particularly useful if traveling in third world places!).

 This is a simple and easy way to be in charge of what you are putting into your body, your temple, and maintaining a high vibration of existence in anything you do.

There are also prayers available on the website for blessing water and food