Gathering Life Force Energy

There are no limits as to how much energy you can hold

What separates us from other living beings on the Earth is our ability to use our own intent to absorb more life force energy (LFE). There are no limits as to how much energy you can hold. 

The key to increasing your LFE is to move into balance. When you are out of balance, your energy is consumed trying to go into balance or survive. When you are in balance you are consuming less LFE and you can accumulate it instead. As your LFE increases, you will be able to raise your awareness and in turn, your overall vibrations. Some of the ways to increase your LFE are given below. 

1. You can increase your LFE with proper deep breathing. The key to breathing is to return to the natural breath that fills your entire lungs in a specific way. You can use 4-count breath exercise, or Qi Gong beath exercise, or Complete Yogi Breath exercise.

2. Meditation is a powerful way to increase your life force energy by balancing your overall energetic field. From my experience, I suggest to try Life Essence Meditation. It is free meditation given on Stargate Experience Academy website:

3.Increase water intake and be around water stream, river, ocean, etc. Pure water containes LFE. Drinking water, bathing and swimming in pure water, watching the water (especially water vortex like water falls) increases your LFE.  How much to drink a day? Common suggestion: take your body weight in pounds and divide by 2, and that’s the number of fluid ounces you should consume. You can also increase vibrations of water by using an angelic code for blessing water and food.

4. Consume organic food. Organic food contains a complete electromagnetic spectrum. Consuming incomplete or imbalanced food is actually draining your LFE by depleting your cells of nutrition.

5.Sun gathering. Sun is a carrier of energy, so it could be a source of LFE too.